Cemetery Guidelines

Our cemetery guidelines ensure peace and respect for all.

At Wake Memorial Park, we want to honor and respect all of the families that have chosen us as the final resting place for their loved ones. We also want to ensure that our cemetery is a place where any family member or friend can come to cherish the life of a loved one. After all, a cemetery is truly a sacred place.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines for ensuring that everyone who visits has the experience they desire.

Funeral Services

Each and every person who attends a funeral service deserves privacy, respect and the freedom to reflect as they wish. Please remain away from areas where services are in progress to provide those service attendees with the privacy and respect they need and deserve.


Flowers can be a wonderful way to honor a loved one when you come and visit our cemetery. However, please refrain from placing flower receptacles on any plot, or in the mausoleum or columbariums, unless they are approved by the Cemetery Authority. The cemetery provides a range of different receptacles to meet your needs so inquire with us to find a solution that honors and beautifies the resting place of your loved one. For more information about the rules and regulations surrounding cemetery flowers, visit our terms of use page.

General Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are put into place to protect both those who do business with Wake Memorial Park, LLC, and the cemetery itself.  The rules and regulations are set forth within carefully planned guidelines to be honored and abided by at all times possible.

Changes may be made periodically to the rules and regulations without notice.  

A.    Definitions

1. Throughout this document Wake Memorial Park, LLC may be referred to as “WMP”.

2. A “Property Owner” is a simplified term referring to the rightful possessor of a “Certificate of Interment Rights”.  This certificate may be issued for ground burial, mausoleum entombment, or any cremation option available at WMP.

3. “Interment” generally refers to traditional below ground earth burial.

4. “Inurnment” generally refers to a permanent placement of cremated remains within WMP whether it is a niche, or below ground burial, or scattering of human cremated remains.

5. “Entombment” generally refers to an above ground burial within a crypt whether a private or community mausoleum style crypt.

6. A “Grave” or “Burial Space” is generally referring to a single space used for the purpose of below the ground earth burial.

7. A “Lot” is generally a reference to a group of numbered graves within a garden, typically 4 grave spaces.  Example: Lot 88, spaces 1,2,3, and 4.

8. An “Authorized Representative” is normally the person recognized by the family or the estate of the deceased, in good faith by WMP, as a legal heir or legally authorized individual allowed to sign the Burial Authorization Order when a death occurs.  They may also be allowed to make purchase decisions such as a memorial marker on behalf of the deceased.

9. A “Memorial” is a generic term usually referring to a grave marker made of bronze, granite, or a combination that reflects the name, dates, and other information regarding the deceased.

B.     General Rules and Regulations

1.      The use of property within WMP will be limited to the interment, inurnment, and/or entombment of human remains, and all other cemetery related business concerning WMP

2.      No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the grounds of WMP at any time.  Certain alcoholic beverages may be deemed acceptable for the purposes of committal ceremonies only. 

3.      Pets may be brought onto the grounds of WMP but owners must keep them in their control at all times and clean up after them should the need occur.

4.      Fires are not allowed on WMP grounds including candles.  Candles may be used during a committal service time, but must be extinguished and removed upon completion.  No lit candles are permitted in the Mausoleum at any time other than a committal service.

5.      For the comfort of all, we ask that no tobacco products are used on the grounds of WMP.

6.      During any committal service, no work will take place within sight or sound of the service period on the WMP grounds.

7.      Anyone entering the grounds at WMP should consider themselves at any point subject to video surveillance, including but not limited to the mausoleum building.  Any destruction, graffiti, and/or any other form of vandalism or theft will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed under North Carolina law.

8.      Change of address and contact information is the sole responsibility of the property owner.  Please notify WMP by phone, fax, U.S. Mail, or email of any changes in contact information or legal status (such as marriage or divorce) that may affect the burial rights agreement with WMP.

C.    General Supervision of Wake Memorial Park, LLC

1.      WMP is a private business and therefore reserves the right to refuse admission to any person(s) other than Property Owners and/or their immediate relations.  WMP may also refuse the use of any of the cemetery’s facilities at any time for any reason deemed not to be in the best interest of the cemetery and its collective Property Owners.  Any person(s) conducting themselves in a disrespectful or disruptive manner are subject to dismissal from the cemetery by local law enforcement.

2.      WMP will allow interments, inurnments, or entombments on any day of the week.  WMP reserves the right to charge additional fees for these services on Sundays or holidays.

3.      All interments, inurnments, or entombments must arrive at the cemetery for committal no later than 4PM March – October, and no later than 3PM November – February. Cemetery management reserves the right to postpone/reschedule interments, inurnments, and entombments based on the circumstances beyond management's control, such as inclement weather, for the safety of the public and our staff.

4.      No interments, inurnments, or entombments will take place without a completed and signed burial authorization order.

5.      A 24 hour minimum notice must be given before interments, inurnments, or entombments take place.  A two week notice is required for disinterment requests.

6.      WMP will not be responsible for any errors that occur from instructions placed by phone and will not be held liable for any error occurring from the lack of proper instructions as to the size of the casket or a vault provided by an outside vendor.  The cemetery reserves the right to charge an equitable fee whenever additional labor costs result from such errors.

7.      Funerals/committals entering the cemetery will be under the supervision of assigned WMP staff who will work closely with the funeral home to best provide for the needs of the family of the deceased. WMP management reserves the right to allow or not allow certain services or request for services which are not specifically outlined in these rules.

8.      An outer burial container is required for all ground burial including both caskets and urns.

9.      Once the casket is in the charge of the cemetery, no person may open the casket or touch the remains without the express permission, in person, of the next of kin or legally authorized individual.  Once the family leaves the premises, no casket shall be opened for any reason except in the case of a disinterment with a court order.

10.  WMP shall not be liable for any delays of interment/entombment of a body where a protest to the interment/entombment has been made or for non-compliance with the rules and regulations.

11.  Disinterments and removals from WMP may be made upon final order of a court having jurisdiction.  In the absence of such an order, no disinterment or removal from the cemetery shall be made without the consent of WMP and the written authorization of the Property Owner and/or the next of kind in accordance with the proper legal procedure and the presence of the authorized cemetery staff member(s) and a licensed funeral director.

12.  WMP reserves the right to designate the hour and manner in which interments and disinterments will or will not be permitted.

13.   Only equipment operated under the direction of WMP shall be used in an interment or disinterment.

14.  Any company wishing to provide any services or merchandise within the legal boundaries of the cemetery will do so within the complete rules and regulations of WMP at all times.  Approved services must have ample notice and will be authorized to work only during regular business hours.  WMP must be provided in advance a written description of any work to be performed, and all currently required certificates of insurance with required minimum limits determined by WMP.

D.    Said Correction of Errors

WMP reserves the right to correct any errors which may arise or have occurred in making any and all such interments, entombments, inurnments, disinterments, and any other cemetery business in which an error is found.

E.     Rights and Instructions of the Property Owner

1.      WMP reserves the right to specify the terms of the Purchase and Security Agreement involving all burial, niche, or crypt locations, merchandise, and services.

2.      Should the purchaser fail to fulfill the terms of the agreed upon in the Agreement, WMP may declare said Agreement cancelled and all rights to the purchaser forfeited.

3.      A vested right of interment/entombment/inurnment may be transferred in the presence of an authorized WMP staff member with the original Certificate of Right of Interment, the owner of that right, and the new owner designate.  Alternatively, the original Right of Interment may be completed and notarized.  However a notarized document is not officially recognized by WMP until it is signed by the authorized staff at WMP.  A recording fee will be charged to the new owner in either case.

4.      If the Property Owner has filed an authorized Trust with written instructions with WMP as to which family member or members of his/her family shall succeed to the rights of said spaces/crypts, said Trust will be recognized by WMP and will be followed.

5.      Rights of Interment issued to two parties are considered Joint Tenants with Common Law Right of Survivorship, not Tenants in Common.

F.      Guidelines on Property Owners Records

1.    WMP will manage and protect the records of all Burial Rights Owners, present maps of sections, future maps of sections, and all important documents necessary in the maintenance of WMP in a manner consistent with good practices.

2.    Each section will contain a plotted map showing detailed plat. A proven system has been enacted to show a plat and a recorded measure by the permanent landmarks utilized.

3.    Reasonable precaution shall be exercised not to distort the exact location of any grave, crypt, or niche within the cemetery.

4.    Thorough and accurate documentation will be required for any memorial installed within the cemetery. Required information such as the Manufacturer, Order Number, Installer, and Date of Installation will be necessary for any approved future replacement, additions, or repairs to memorials as deemed necessary by an authorized cemetery employee.

5.    An order for Interments/Entombments/Inurnments with proper documentation is required before a service will be permitted. Verification of records of the Burial Rights Owner or next of kin by proper authorization is required.

6.    WMP cannot be responsible for memorials purchased by an outside dealer directly relating to repairs, upkeep, and maintenance as a result of manufacturing quality. If care is needed, you will be required to contact your dealer and make necessary arrangements as deemed necessary.

G. Perpetual Care

1.    WMP is a Private Cemetery regulated by the North Carolina Cemetery Commission. WMP will adhere to all the rules and regulations of a perpetual care cemetery according to North Carolina statutes and the rules of the North Carolina Cemetery Commission.

2.    During the creation of WMP, a trust fund in the amount of $50,000 was placed into a regulated cemetery trust fund. We will not remove the principle amount. WMP will however, in the future, utilize the interest gained to maintain WMP.

3.    A trust agreement with an institution approved by the North Carolina Cemetery Commission as Trustee of this fund is made the sole depository and will have entire control of said fund and is charged with the safekeeping and investment of same.

4.    The principle of this fund must be held intact and can never be used for any purpose other than the investment by the Trustee; and the net income, only, can be used for the care and maintenance of the cemetery and for no other purpose.

5.    The general objective of WMP is developing, operating, and maintaining a well-organized burial estate that will always be a well-manicured, beautiful memorial to the dead, and a place for the living to visit, and to find peace.

6.    Perpetual Care will include the general maintenance of WMP, including, but not limited to; mowing the grass, landscaping the various sections, maintaining the road and walk ways, office maintenance, and the maintenance of Mausoleums, Columbaria, and other features.

7.    Perpetual Care is limited to actual amount allowable set forth under the Trust Funds.

H. Floral Arrangement Rules and Guidelines

1.    During the mowing season, March 1 through December 1, Please limit floral Arrangements to one per marker. The only exception to this rule is when there are two vases attached to the marker or monument.

2.    Please use the assigned bronze vase that is attached to the marker to place your floral arrangement or granite vase with an upright monument. Flowers may be attached to the top of an upright monument only if they are attached with a device (such as a saddle) made specifically for attaching flowers to the top of an upright monument. Tape, fishing line, string, or other items are not allowed. Glass containers are never acceptable at WMP as they are a hazard.

3.    No coping, curbing, fencing, hedging, borders, planting, or enclosures of any kind shall be allowed on any grave or lot. This includes the planting of artificial flowers. WMP has the right to remove any unauthorized items.

4.    Digging around perimeter of a memorial is prohibited. Further, the Cemetery is not responsible for any damage to memorials when there has been any evidence to this occurring.

5.    After a funeral service has ended, floral arrangements will be removed from the interment/entombment/inurnment site, generally after seven full days of being displayed and be disposed of by the cemetery. If the weather has destroyed the arrangements, WMP reserves the right to remove them earlier than seven days. We ask that you kindly remove any special arrangements that you may wish to keep at your home or office on the day of burial.

6.    Though we take precaution to assist in making sure floral arrangements do not blow away or get stolen, we simply cannot be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen floral arrangements at any time.

7.    Please do not place, at any time, stand-alone vases, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, glass, crockery, wood or iron cases, and other similar articles and materials hazardous to lawn mowers. None of these items will be permitted due to safety reasons. WMP reserves the right to remove and dispose of such items at any time, even when it is not mowing season, to ensure a safer environment for the workers and the equipment utilized for the beautification of the cemetery. Please do not place flower pots, hanging flowers, solar lights or other items in grave spaces, common areas around gardens or columbaria or medians.

8.    We cannot allow a Burial Rights Owner or any other individual other than the maintenance crew to perform any landscaping of any sort of the Cemetery property. Please do not dig holes or practice any other sort of similar nature of landscaping.

9.    Christmas Blankets, wreaths, and similar items will only be permitted during the Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, and other special occasions as agreed upon by the cemetery. We ask that you remove such items by the end of 7 days from the date of specific holiday. For example, please have a Christmas wreath removed by January 25th. If the items mentioned in this section are not removed by the end of the time frame, the Cemetery has the authority to remove and dispose of said such item.

10.  WMP reserves the right to remove any arrangement or container that is considered unsafe or unsightly.

11.  WMP reserves the right to do all grading, landscaping, improvements of any kind and all care of graves and lots; likewise, to plant, trim, cut, or remove all trees and shrubs as deemed necessary.

12.  All improvements or alterations of graves or lots shall be under the direction of and subject to the approval of the cemetery; and should they be made without its prior consent, the cemetery reserves the right to remove, alter, or change such alterations or improvements at the expense of the grave or lot holder.

13.  WMP reserves the right to use legally and environmentally approved chemical applications to beautify the cemetery property and to treat for pests.

14.  No pictures, drawings or items of any kind may be affixed temporarily or permanently to the face of memorial markers, foundations, headstones or crypt fronts at any time. Only pre authorized memorial markers, headstones, and approved merchandise such as added pictures, QR codes or  other material may be attached to the memorial marker. A fee for installation may be incurred if the request meets our regulations and is approve.  Unauthorized material will be removed and may be subject to a fee if the unauthorized material continues to appear.

15.  No food or beverage is allowed in the mausoleum

16.  Only artificial flowers are allowed in the mausoleum interior vases with the exception of the one week after an entombment takes place. Funeral flowers may be placed on the floor on a provided protective covering to help ensure flowers do not stain the carpet.

17.  No glass is allowed in the mausoleum or on a cemetery grave at any time.

I.      Roadways and Replotting

1.    WMP reserves the right to enlarge, replace, replat, and/or change boundaries or grading of the cemetery or of a section or sections, from time to time. The right to modify and/or change the locations of or remove or regrade roads, drives, and/or walks, or any part thereof, are hereby expressly reserved. Further, the right to lay, maintain, and operate, alter, or change pipelines and/or gutters for sprinkling systems, drainage, lakes, etc….is also expressly reserved, as owners, for cemetery’s purposes, including the interring and preparing for interment of dead human remains, or for anything necessary, incidental, or convenient thereto. The cemetery reserves to itself and to those lawfully entitled thereto, a perpetual right of ingress and egress over plots for the purpose of passage to and from other plots.

2.    WMP has the right to remove any trees and shrubs, or flowers which it deems necessary for any reason.

J. No Easements Granted

1.    No easement or right of interment is granted to any grave or lot holder in any road, drive, or walk within the cemetery, but such road, drive or walk, may be used as a means of access to the cemetery and its offices and other buildings as long as the cemetery devotes such road, drive, or walk to that purpose.

K. Interment/Inurnment/Entombment Rules and Regulations

1.    All cemetery services, including the Rights to Interment/Inurnment/Entombment must be paid for in full before the service takes place.

2.    An outer burial container will be required for all ground interments and inurnments within WMP.

3.    Embalming is required when choosing Mausoleum entombment. A gasketed casket is required. A casket tray is required for all Mausoleum entombments.

4.    An Interment Order can be initialized via telephone by a licensed funeral director, however, the Burial Rights Owner/next of kin, must still complete the registration before services. WMP assumes no responsibility for error in accepting orders over the phone.

5.    An Interment Order must be completed and signed by the Burial Rights Owner or next of kin in order to allow for an Interment/Inurnment/Entombment to take place.

6.    Burial Rights Owners/next of kin must visit Interment/Inurnment/Entombment site to verify the correct location

7.    Signature of Burial Rights owner/next of kin is evidence that the Burial Rights Owner/Next of kin has verified the lot/crypt number matches the Burial Rights Owners’ original records.

8.    Burial Rights Owners/Next of kin must verify pertinent information for our records.

9.    Specific regulations for interments/inurnments/entombments are as follows:

a.    Only one interment is permitted in a single traditional burial space.

b.    Only one entombment is permitted in a single crypt in a Mausoleum.

c.     Only one inurnment is permitted in a single niche within a Mausoleum or Columbaria unless otherwise authorized by WMP management.

d.    Only one interment is permitted in a single lawn crypt.

e.    Two inurnments are permitted in a single traditional burial space, however, a second Right of Inurnment and perpetual care will be charged for a second urn.

f.      Two interments are permitted in a double depth lawn crypt utilizing one traditional burial space.

g.    Two entombments are permitted in a tandem, side by side, or couch crypt within a Mausoleum.

h.    Two inurnments are permitted in a double niche within a Mausoleum or Columbaria.

i.      When a section is designated to a Church, Society, Lodge, Organization, or business, only members, the members’ spouse, and/or immediate family may be interred, inurned, or entombed.

j.      Veterans Section - Selection within the Veterans Section can only be chosen to be utilized by a US Veteran and his or her spouse.

k.     Equipment Usage - Tents, lowering devices, artificial grass, chairs, and any other equipment owned by WMP will be solely utilized in all interment, inurnment, and entombment processes unless otherwise agreed upon by the Executive Cemetery Director.

l.      Opening & Closing Fees - Fees for opening and closing may be an adjusted higher rate when planned to take place between the hours of 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

10. Peddling or Soliciting within the grounds of WMP will not be allowed at any time.

11. No signs, notices, or advertising will be allowed within the grounds of WMP except those placed by the management of the Cemetery.

12. Photographing or other live recordings of funerals is not permitted by those not invited or involved with the actual funeral service.

13. Please do not litter within the grounds of WMP at any time. If you are found doing so,m you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

L. Mausoleum and Columbaria Rules

1. No food or beverage is allowed in the mausoleum

2. No items may be attached to the mausoleum crypt fronts or columbarium niches including pictures, stickers, suction cups, or any other item at any time unless expressly allowed for a specific time set forth by WMP management. This includes all adhesives. Any crypt or niche found in violation of this rule may result in maintenance fee for repair or replacement of said item at the family/owner's expense.

3. No live flowers may be left in the interior of the mausoleum with the exception of flowers left immediately following a committal service for a period of no more than 5 days. Artificial flowers are welcome but must be placed in the vase intendeed for flowers. Live flowers left on the exterior of the mausoleum or at/near a columbarium will be removed during regular cemetery maintenance.

4. WMP management reserves the right to deny any item intended to be placed in a glass niche if it is deemed inappropriate or not in the best interest of all cemetery property owners and the cemetery itself.

5. WMP reserves the right to approve/deny the design of any niche or crypt plate/memorial.

M. Memorials Rules and Regulations

1.    When using the word “Memorial” within WMP’s Rules and Regulations, it is understood to include flat bronze memorials, upright monuments, mausoleum crypt plates, columbaria crypt plates/lettering, corner makers, benches, and other forms of memorizations unless otherwise specified.

2.    WMP reserves the right to regulate the size, style, quality, and materials of all Memorials to be set within the park. WMP reserves the right to prevent any memorials, items, and such to be set within the park that we deem to be in conflict with the Rules and Regulations.

3.    All memorials will be set in a uniform style and within the guidelines permitted with the plotting of the burial spaces. Only pre authorized memorial markers, headstones, and approved merchandise such as added pictures, QR codes or other material may be attached to the memorial marker. A fee for installation may be incurred if the request meets our regulations and is approve.  Unauthorized material will be removed and may be subject to a fee if the unauthorized material continues to appear.

4.    When Choosing a flat bronze memorial or crypt plate, the bronze alloy must consist of:

            Not less than 87% copper

Not less than 5% Tin

Not more than 1% Lead

Not more than 5% Zinc

Total of all other elements not to exceed 100%

5. All flat bronze memorials must be set on granite foundations and installed to meet WMP specifications. The foundation will be required to be set at least one inch below the surface of the turf at all pounts. There will be a charge to install all foundations, including flat bronze memorials, crypt plates, and letterings.

6. The memorial cannot be set in place until the Certificate of Interment has been recorded.

7.  The memorial cannot be set in place until it has been paid for in full. The memorial can be set on a pre-need basis at the Burial Rights Owners’ request once the memorial and rights to the Interment/Inurnment/Entombment have been paid for in full, however, there may be an additional charge to realign the memorial after each time the memorial is required to be removed for interments.

8. All foundations must meet the specifications of the cemetery. The foundations must be at least four inches in thickness. No less than 2 inches can be exposed on each side of the memorial when on the foundation.

9. If it becomes necessary to remove a memorial and foundation to open or reopen a grave for an interment, there may be an additional charge for removing and replacing the memorial and foundation.

10. The charge for installation of the memorial is based on the square inch size of the total area. The charge is determined by WMP and will be posted within the office at all times. All memorials purchased at WMP and/or purchases made outside of WMP will incur installation and/or realignment fees.

11. Only flat bronze memorials will be permitted in the flat bronze memorial sections and gardens within WMP.

12. Upright monuments will only be permitted within specified areas approved for such usage and authorized by the Cemetery Manager of WMP.

13. WMP will only be liable to repair and/or replace any defective materials or workmanship of a memorial purchased through the Cemetery.

14. Granite, marble, slate, iron, wood, and artificial stones are not permitted in place of the flat bronze memorials.

N. Upright Monument Installation

1.    The fee incurred for installation of an upright monument will be charged and paid for in full before it can be installed.

2.    Concrete foundations are not poured but a foundation pad below the surface of the soil must be a minimum of 4 inches thick and be placed under the base piece.

3.    Monuments must be finished on the front and back at a minimum. All monuments must be installed on a granite foundation.

4.    The monument must be of an approved size, quality, style, and design and will not exceed 95% of the overall width of the burial space(s) designated to the Burial Rights Owner.

5.    No installations will be performed by outside agencies. WMP’s rules and Regulations must be implemented at all times. The foundations and design, style, quality, and size must be approved and meet guidelines.

6.    There is a minimum and maximum size permitted on upright monuments. Please meet with the Family Service Counselor to review minimum and maximum size requirements.

7.    WMP reserves the right not to install any monument deemed inappropriate by the Cemetery. 

8.   On-site engraving may be done by outside vendors approved by Wake Memorial Park with appropriate proof of insurance and engraving fee paid in full prior to engraving.

O. Outside Dealers

1.    When utilizing the services of an outside dealer of memorials the memorial must be approved for content of material, size, and design before purchase. WMP is not responsible for the purchase of memorials of any kind from outside dealers/vendors which are refused for installation based on non-compliance with our rules or lack of cemetery approval before purchase.

P. Family Associates/Family Service Associates

1.    The Rules and regulations now enforce and the instruments conveying to the Customer the Right of Interment now enforce or which may hereafter be adopted, including modifications or amendments thereof, shall be the sole agreement between WMP and the Burial Rights Owner. The statement of any Family Advocate/Family Service Advocate shall in no way bind WMP at any time.

2.    .Family (Service) Associates will not be permitted to perform any work on the grounds without the consent and authorization of the Executive Cemetery Director.

3.    All Family (Service) Associates will be required to earn, obtain, and maintain a NC Cemetery License at all times.

4.    All Family (Service) Associates must adhere to the Professional Code of Cemetery Ethics at all times, including, but not limited to having a clean criminal record with no felonies.

5.    All Family (Service) Associates will be required to wear an official identification badge while representing WMP at all times.

6.    All Family (Service) Associates will be expected and required to study, learn, and apply their customer and product knowledge skills on a sincere ethical level at all times. Each will be required to maintain continuing education on product knowledge and service.

7.    All employees of WMP will be courteous to all visitors at all times.

8.    The Family (Service) Associates are not permitted to provide down payments for any contracts of provided services and products. In doing so, the Family (Service) Advocate can be terminated from his or her career effective immediately.

9.    The Family (Service) Associates on staff are at your service. They are there to assist you before, during, and after a funeral. We strongly believe in earning your respect and trust in developing a long term relationship with you and your future generations.

P. Wake Memorial Park reserves the right to use management’s best judgement in all matters contained herein to both serve our customers to the best of our ability and provide for the best environment of each Burial Rights Owner.

The Rules and Regulations were originally adopted by the Management of WMP on September 1, 2004 and are said to be in effect immediately. Changes, omissions, or additions may be added at any time without notice.  


We ask that you respect our guidelines that automobiles shall not be driven through the cemetery grounds at a speed greater than ten miles per hour. This is for the safety and well-being of all. Automobiles are also not allowed to park or to come to a full stop in front of an open grave unless they are in attendance at the funeral. 

All vehicles should refrain from parking on any grass unless directed to do so during a funeral by a cemetery employeed.